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quinta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2011

Vocabulário básico sobre maquiagem em inglês.

Beautiful Girls - Let´s wear MAKE-UP! 

Here is a basic glossary to help everyone who is going to travel and of course shopping. Have fun and wear it!

1 - SKIN

-> concealer = used to hide dark shadows under the eyes, for example.

-> powder = type of make-up which is spread over the skin of the face, often after a layer of foundation, in order stop the skin from looking oily.

-> foundation = a type of make-up which is spread over the skin of the face, usually before other make-up is pu on, giving it a better and more even color and hiding unwanted marks

-> blush = same as Portuguese.

2 - EYES

-> Eye shadow is a colored cream powder, which is put around the eyes to make them look larger or more attactive. A shadow is also a small dark area of skin under your eye. She put on some make-up to cover the dark shadows under her eyes.

3 - LIPS

-> Lip gloss = is a type of make-up that is put on the lips to make them look shiny.

-> Lipstick = waxy make-up, which brightens or changes the color of a person´s lips, or a bar of this contained in a tube, Example:
I don´t usually wear lipstick.
Notice that we say, "wear" lipstick and not "use".

Some type of make-up come in the form of a pencil:

An eyebrow pencil.

A lip pencil.

4 - NAILS    (Cuidado meninas, porque nail também pode significar prego, ok? Como o tema aqui é maquiagem, hoje o significado de nails é restrito para unhas)

-> nail polish = is a liquid, usually red or pink, which is painted on nails as a decoration.

-> base coat = a type of nail polish, but colored and normally used under it.

-> nail file = is a small strip of metal with a rough surface used for making the edges of your nails smooth and curved.

-> nail shine = a type of a very shiny nail polish normally used over it.


-> brush = an object with short of stiff hair, plastic or wire fixed into a usually woonden or plastic base or handle, which is used for cleaning, tidying the hair or painting.

-> tweezers =  a small piece of equipment made of two narrow strips of metal joined at one end. It is used to pull out hairs or to pick up small objetcs by pressing the two strips of metal together with the fingers.
e.g. A pair of tweezers
e.g. Eyebrow tweezers

make up sponge = a soft substance that is full of small holes and can absorb a lot of liquid, and is used for washing and cleaning.

-> sharpener = A sharpener is a machine or tool for making esp. pencils or knives sharper.

Ufa...o post ficou enorme, mas acredito que as garotas gostaram, certo?

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