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terça-feira, 12 de julho de 2011

Study Tip - Causative have/get

-> Have/get something done (Causative) is used to mean:

. cause something to be done by someone else
e.g. I had/got my hair cut yesterday. (The hairdresser did it.)

. cause something to happen yourself
e.g. I´ll have/get this mess cleared up in no time.

. experience something (usually undesirable)
e.g. Clara had/got her credit cards stolen the other day.
Get is used rather than have:

. to show a feeling of obligation or urgency
e.g. I must get my car insurance renewed - it ran out last week!

. to show that something was difficult to do/achieve
e.g. We finally got the decorating finished just before we moved in.

. to indicate a planned action to achieve something
e.g. He got himself elected President of the club.

. in imperatives
e.g. Get this room cleaned up at once!

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