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segunda-feira, 28 de novembro de 2011

Conheça os significados e usos das palavras 'play', 'as' e 'how'

Play, can be a verb with different meanings:

I like to play soccer.
I can play the piano.
I play with my kids.

Or can also be a substantive:

I go to the theater quite often. I love Shakespeare´s plays.

We always learn that we do not use the auxiliaries DO/DOES/DID in the affirmative form. But we can sometimes. We can use the auxiliaries DO/DOES/DID to emphasize.

I DO like Japanese food.
I DO study English.
She DOES like to dance.
We DID go to the party.

A commom mistake:
AS (reason and time) - correct

As sometimes means 'because':

As it was Sunday, the store was closed. (= because it was Sunday)
As they live so far away, we don´t see them very often.
As we were tired, we didn´t go out.

How is commonly used by Brazilians students instead of as, but it is not correct.

Por hoje é só. Amanhã tem mais. See you.

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