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domingo, 14 de fevereiro de 2010

Valentine´s Day

Valentine´s Day

Valentine´s Day is celebrated on February 14th.It´s the day when friends and lovers express thier feelings for one another.On this day, sweethearts exchange Valentinés Cards with the message: " I love you".

Valentine´s day goes back at least five hundred years.Valentine´s cards even date back to the 16th century.And in the 1800´s, people often gave and received more Valentine´s gifts than they did at Christmas.

Valentine gifts are simple.Heart-shaped boxes of candy and flowers and some of the most popular ones.School children leike to buy or make Valentine cards for their teacher and classemates.Usually each classroom in a School will have a box with an opening on the top where children can "mail" their cards, decorated with pictures of hearts, cupids and arrows.
The tradition of Valentine´s Day is the tradition of love.

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